Oh hey. It’s really nice to meet you. **hands you an imaginary pint of New Terrain beer, because we can already tell we like you** The four of us love games. We have a standing weekly double-date night that involves lots and lots of board games, laughter, and signature cocktails. You’re 100% invited to our next one.

Wild adventures are our favorite things. Boating, Hiking, Camping, Waterfall jumping, skydiving, canyoneering, escape rooms - we love it all. If life is an orange, we want to squeeze out every last bit of juice during our time on this little blue marble called Earth.

Our puppies and our babies have our hearts. We deeply value our connection to nature and the gift that it is to spend time outside, so we always respect Leave No Trace principles when we work and play.


We built Wildroot because we’ve been a part of a LOT of Weddings, and we have pretty strong opinions about how amazing elopements are. They’re just…better.

We believe that your wedding day should be about YOU… about your love. We believe that the moments we spend with the people we love will be what we look back on with joy when we are 85 years old, front-porch-sitting in our wooden rocking chairs. It’s the relationships, every damn time, and elopements reflect that so beautifully. So we built a business built around those beliefs - we built a business around the stuff of life that gets us misty eyed and that never goes out of style. 

We held hands on the first night we met when we were twelve. Ashley taught Graham that, when you really like someone, you intertwine your fingers. We’ve been holding hands that way ever since. Between then and now, we have dreamed our way from Los Angeles to Connecticut to Atlanta to Colorado. We’ve had the opportunity to work on Oscar nominated films, we’ve had the privilege of building an internationally recognized photography studio, and we have been honored by being named one the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography by Rangefinder Magazine. We have shot weddings all over the world, we have a crazy passion for people and photojournalism and stupid big dreams, and our work has received awards such as Junebug’s Best of the Best, PDN Top Knots, and Showit’s Image of the Year.


More importantly, though, we are in constant search of ridiculous places to have dance parties and tickle fights with our two kids. Because, for us, our success will always be measured by the joy we exhibit and how well we love others. We are adventurers at heart. We come alive in nature, and we have a passion for intimate celebrations of love. We find a deep sense of purpose in photographing elopements and intimate weddings because they sit at the intersection of two of the things we value the most: love and adventure.

It started with a kiss…
Just kidding—it started with a night of photo editing until 1:00 a.m. while eating Papa John’s pizza and watching Breaking Bad. Cut to the start of the semester—we were both visual journalism students at WVU and for the first time since we enrolled, we had a class together. We were paired up to practice our interviewing skills with a Zoom audio recorder, and although it was a little awkward at first, that recording is something we’ll cherish forever. After school we moved to Washington D.C. where we got jobs, commuted, and eventually became restless.

Erin & Doyle

After three years of the wash, rinse, and repeat lifestyle, we decided to ditch our 9-5 jobs, and move to Denver, Colorado where we rediscovered our love for being outside, creating variety in our routine, and taking adventures that push us to be better humans.
And for the past six years we’ve had the pleasure of documenting the love stories of couples that feel the same.

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